His Smile.

I have another post, but it's slow in coming. Some posts flow out, this one is dribbling, in fits and starts. Slow. Painful.

But, moving on. I need something to write about today. (and have no recent photo's of the cats. Must remedy this. Cat's are very distracting.)

And any one of a number of you commented on the photo of me. You all said such charming things. They're a set I particularly like. Mr. Spit took them. I had a profile in the company newsletter, and the photo they had, they dragged it off an old website, and I darn near wanted to die when I saw it. I told them I'd take my own photo, thank you very much.

The one I put up on Wednesday is not my favourite. The one on the left is. It's called Mr. Spit's smile.

As I type this, Mr. Spit is home, just for the night, and he is heating up dessert for me. He'll call out in a few moments, asking if I want some more coffee.

The miracle of love. The least I can do is smile.
Also, finished project Friday. Umm, does anyone know anything about Mr. Linky? Mr. Linky doesn't seem to like me, and it's causing problems.