No, I won't apologize

I won't apologize for pointing out that this is not their first baby.

I won't apologize for pointing out that they already have a beautiful daughter they adopted, and she is 3. I will tell you that she is real and loved, and it's inappropriate to send a card congratulating someone on their twins, that says "Congratulations on your first baby".

I won't apologize for saying that this couldn't be their first baby, and that they had twins, even if it looks dicey for their son.

I won't be sad or sorry or apologetic for standing up and saying that this would hurt, and these parents have seen enough hurt.

I won't apologize for telling you to go and buy another card.

I won't apologize.

I simply won't.

This is a world you will never know. And I'm glad that you won't. But I will stand up and say that you are wrong.