Things I Thought I'd Blog About

Sigh. All evening I tell you. I kept thinking. Must not be sitting here knitting, must be thinking of something to write for the blog. Also, must vacuum, but let's move on.

I was going to write a post on etiquette and theatres, and etiquette and funerals, but, umm, not done that yet.

I was going to take photo's and tell you about the 3.5 pairs of socks that I have knit in the last 4 months, but I can't take pictures. The red ones are in the wash, the STR Thistle one's are a bit of a problem, because I know where one of them is - right behind my computer, but, umm, I can't find the other one? And I hyperventilate when I think about the possibility that I have lost them? So I try not to?

The STR Puck's Mischief socks are about 70% done, although I'm not all that jazzed about toe up socks, since grafting the toes together has never been that much of an issue for me.

Oh, and the self-striping ones have terrible holes, which means I have totally arsed them up, and I have not a single idea of how to fix them, other than totally ripping them apart and re-knitting them. I am trying not to think about that much either.

How about we compromise on this. . .

My mum's birthday scarf.

You lot sure are hard to please. . . .

(Also, many thanks for your suggestions. I'm ordering my chairs from a company called the Calgary Chair Company - thanks Carmen- that is, oddly enough, located in Calgary!)