I'd like to scream

Really, I'd like to scream.

I packed up at least some of my maternity clothes today, to give to a co-worker. And I'm glad that's she's expecting. That's not what makes me want to scream.

But, I've told a few people today, that I was going to give her some of my clothes. And no one has said a word.

I went into those boxes, and I picked up and folded again. I picked up the shirt I wore to the hospital, when Gabe was born. I packed up my favourite maternity shirt, red and tan polka-dots. I packed up the first maternity shirt I bought. I packed up a few things I never even got to wear. I packed up my hopes and dreams. I packed up the best time of my life, and tomorrow I'm carrying them into work.

And no one has even noticed that this might be a bit hard.

ED: I have to confess, it's not the lack of reaction on the part of my co-workers that bothers me. It was a few friends and my mother, that I told last night, and they just carried on with their conversations. I don't think that most of my co-workers would understand. My friends? My mother?