Monday Miscellany

Sorry, this is a day late - wanted to get the spaghetti sauce recipe out for Jen.

  • I don't know what it is, and I only go there about once a year, but every time I find myself at Wal-Mart, I get angry. I merely have to drive into the parking lot, and I'm snarly.
  • The garden is still not completely planted. I have to pot the containers, and plant some brussel sprouts (for Mr. Spit!) and some broccoli. It won't be safe to plant the tomatoes for another week or so.
  • Mr. Spit (who is in Idaho!) left me the new hose to install. It will be easy he said. After I fought with it for half an hour, I went and got my neighbour, and he fought with it. He brought a crescent wrench and a set of pliers as ammunition. I think I need to buy new couplers from Lee Valley. Also, since my sprayer is broken again, I think I need another one. Another year, another sprayer. Sigh.
  • I used a manual mower for the first time on Saturday. I have to confess, in the small amount of grass still remaining, I loved it. It took me 10 minutes. Usually it would take me that long to figure out how to start the gas mower. I think we might be going with a hand mower this year.
  • I want a set of Adirondack chairs for by my fire pit. My mum offered to buy Mr. Spit and I set for our anniversary - I have developed a habit of sitting in the back yard at night, and having a cup of coffee. I can't find any. No one seems to have them. . . I'm getting frustrated. What do you think - hold out for the Adirondacks, or settle for a nice set of wicker ones?

Have a happy Monday. . .