Monday Miscellany

  • I spent 8 hours in the garden yesterday. And every moment was worth it. But oh, I'm so sore. I have a progress update (with no pictures - sorry, my body is too sore).
  • We have mulch, on every bed but the veggie garden. I have to confess, I don't like the look of mulch, I much prefer the look of weed free black dirt, but the weed free look is often absent in my garden. As a bonus, the mulch holds more water, so things should do a bit better this year.
  • The winter kill on Gabe's tree is worse than I expected, but not as bad as it could be. I'm just waiting for it to fully leaf out before I haul out the pruning shears to get rid of the dead stuff.
  • My lilac is once again looking at a banner year. And I have to wait for it to finish blooming before I take the pruning shears to it as well.
  • I did prune the indestricti-rose. It should have been done earlier, but this rose is about 40 years old and so hardy that I wasn't worried. The blooms are short-lived but smell so sweet.
  • I was at a community event today, and someone asked me what my favourite garden plant. Of the 50 or so in my garden, I have to confess, it's the sweet peas. I love sweet peas.
  • Everyone say it with me. Dill is a perennial. Really it is. So, would someone explain to me why I have to replant it every year?
  • I also have to plant Thyme. It's a biannual, and I guess this must be the third year. I can't figure out how, but nothing's coming up, so I guess I'll replant.
  • As payback, I was mocking Kuri's partner a few weeks ago, because he managed to kill off his mint. Guess who's mint didn't come back this year?

What's coming up in your garden?