Recessionary Tactics

I knew that the economy was still bad in the states. Really bad in some places.

But I had no idea how bad it was in Vegas. None. I'm so sorry, if only I had known.

These poor, poor young women. And the cocktail waitresses.

They aren't being paid enough.

There is Dior, Gucci, Armani, Fendi, Prada, D and G, BCBG, Zara, Kenneth Cole, Kate Spade, all of these stores, it must be so painful to walk by.

To walk by, and to not be able to afford . . .

An entire skirt, or an entire shirt, and not just half a shirt or 1/3 of the skirt.

I just didn't know that the recession would be so significant that women couldn't afford to completely clothe themselves.

Perhaps your fine President could put together a stimulus package so that these poor women could cover themselves and stop the other kind of stimulus?