The notice for the package arrived on Monday - which is only a bit strange, because the notice of the package that they delivered, indicated that they weren't delivering my package because of the construction.

Today was one of those days. I woke up in the middle of the night, losing all of the things that I had eaten at a Taste of Edmonton yesterday, and while Mr. Spit was fine, and this wasn't food poisoning, when I actually listed the combination of food I ate, all together, it made me ill again.

And then it was a busy day, although a day with some satisfaction, as 6 weeks of work, represented by 14 inches of paper, that I carefully shepherded around the building, for various people to review and approve, was made into policy today.

But, I stumbled my way through a conference call, answered about 5 questions, and then carried on. In the back of my mind, excitement over a parcel. Tired and stressed from some personal challenges at home, and still feeling icky.

I arrived at the post office, carefully picking my way around the construction, the holes in the ground, and the barriers, and presented myself at the post office wicket, with my tag.

Out came the parcel - a brown envelope, with no return address, post marked Muenster.

Munster. Muenster?

I've been to a Muenster, and I was looking at the package, and suddenly I thought:

"Oh please, by everything that's holy, please, please, please, don't tell me I left a pair of my underpinnings under the bed, and the holy Oblate father's have washed them and mailed them back to me. Please. My day is bad enough."

Why yes, that did happen to me at another place I stayed at.
Yes, his grandmother sent them back to me.
No, I don't want to talk about it.

I was surprised and delighted to get a package from the Muenster. The Munster in Germany. With chocolate, and with a shopping bag from the everything store (why don't we have one here?) that has a quote from Coco Chanel in German (I shall feel very cosmopolitan at the farmers market) and the absolutely coolest salt and pepper shakers ever. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Totally cool. Have I mentioned that I really like them?

From the lovely Alice! Who is our new favourite. (1)

Many thanks. Many, many thanks. It was the bright spot to an otherwise awful and wretched day!

The love of the blogosphere is amazing. Truly amazing.

(1) It was Sam, then Martha, and now Alice. Send chocolate, you could be next. I'm fickle that way.