Every Day Ethics with Mrs. Spit

The Scenario:

You go to the local big box hardware store, and you find a patio set - a table, 6 chairs and an umbrella on sale, for about 50% off.

You can afford said table, and while it doesn't spin you right around, and form your every dream, it is more than adequate, and much better than the old white plastic one, with the artfully engraved four letter word on one side.

So, you, after some confusion with the teenage boy cum store clerk, who doesn't seem to have any sort of grasp of basic requests, manage to get a hold of your 3 boxes.

When you arrive at the checkout, the clerk scans the bar code. As she is hunting, and you are schlepping 100 pound boxes around, you are extremely convinced it is the only bar code on any of the boxes.

When the price rings up on the till, the price is $100 less than the price on the display model.

Do you say anything?