There's Still a Reason

The good news is that my maternal unit does not have a kidney stone and probably not a bladder infection.

And we convinced the doctor to re-test in a few days, since an IV course of Cipro seemed excessive for the situation. (my mother having "issues" with antibiotics)

The bad news is that it's likely a bursa in her hip socket. Also, she has a cyst on her kidney, but that's probably not causing the pain. They'll check it again in a few months.

And the neurologist, cardiologist and orthopedic surgeon have to get onside to figure out about replacing her knee and hip. Also, her daughter thinks they should get a consult from the infectious disease specialist, you know because of the bone eating disease she has (osteomylitis).

Organizing specialists for someone with all my mother's problems is like herding cats.

So. . . More tests. And some morphine. And Dramamine. And another trip to the ER.