You would think that I would know better. I, of all people, would know better, that only 2 months later, it would still hurt.

I was, mostly, OK to be back in Anna's city on Sunday.

But, you would think, I would know better.

The hurt of losing a friend doesn't end in 2 months. Raw memory doesn't fade that quickly, and when we turn those memories over this soon, there are still sharp edges to catch fragile skin that has only started to heal over. Sudden memory stings.

It stung to drive past Peter's Drive In, and remember seeing her in March. It stung to think of her, grasping my hand and telling me that she was sorry I wasn't pregnant that month.

It stung to think of her telling me that she was pregnant. It will sting on New Year's day, when that babe was due.

Still miss her like crazy.

I was there and she wasn't.

And it stings.