Today's Post

Is brought to you by Super Mario Brother's Paper Mario.

Because maybe I spent far, far too many hours playing this game.
And only got some of the housework done.
And nothing done in the garden.
And I didn't write a blog.
But I am a quarter of the way through saving the world.
Which is strangely satisfying.

Even if I suck at it.
And I am not earning enough points or money.
Apparently you are supposed to explore.
But when I explore; big, nasty evil creatures come along and hurt me.
And I get hurt a lot.

Then I see the words, "game over" as I fall off the edge of the screen.
They are a friendly yellow, those words.
I don't particularly like yellow any more.
I am presently stuck. Can't figure out how to get somewhere.
Mr. Spit, who is normally very helpful, can't figure it either.


So, no blog post today.

Sorry about that.

Off to save the world.