Monday Miscellany

  • Mr. Max is still gone. In the way of the world, it may be that two cats will find their way to our house, via a co-worker. I've never really had to go searching for a pet, it seems they always find me, and it's meant to be.
  • The non-smoking is going ok, or something approaching a living hell, depending on the day moment. Add AF's visit, and I am maybe not the happiest of campers.
  • I made myself these. Because I have the attention span of a fungus gnat, especially late at night when I'm trying to pray for people. I do it, but my attention flits.
  • Speaking of flitting attention span, yoga started up last week. Must remind myself, it is not a competition. But good grief, I hate those skinny little things that show up in their tiny little outfits, while I'm in a pair of cut off yoga pants and Mr. Spit's blue t-shirt. (Hey sweetie, I borrowed your t-shirt, hope that's ok.)
  • 5 days until my birthday. I'd throw myself a party, but with the reno's, I really have no house, and besides. I had to throw myself my own party for my 21st, I'm not doing it for my 30th. I'd probably just look pathetic.
  • Help. My pharmacist has confused me. . . She gave me this great long explanation about when I can take chlomid (silly me for asking). I stop taking my birth control pill, and the next day is Cycle Day 1, correct?