Maggie Doesn't Like Me

Early this morning, we left Delta in her kennel (all alone) and went to the vet. Things were going swimmingly. The vet tech made a fuss over her, rubbed her belly and gave her scratches.

She went off quite willingly. Didn't even look back at me.

I went to get her. Reviewed the x-rays with the Vet. (3 teeth need to be extracted. One is a good candidate for a root canal). No, you don't want to know what this is going to cost.

They brought her out. Limping where the IV line was.

She wouldn't even look at me. Was not the slightest bit pleased to see me.

I go into a room, she leaves it.

I gave her a small dinner tonight, not wanting to overload her tummy after the anaesthetic.

She's disgusted.

She's presently looking out the door window, wondering when Daddy, Nanna or *anyone* will come and rescue her from this mean, evil mum. Someone, would you please come rescue my much loved dog buddy, who just doesn't like me at all. Would you please tell her that this is for her own good, and she will feel much better afterwards. Honestly?

I'm not getting any of these tonight.

It's a hard thing when your buddy doesn't like you.