Monday Miscellany

  • There is a sign, well billboard really, for an insurance company that I pass on my way to work each morning. It asks if you turned the iron off. I'm now so paranoid, I've thought about going back home to check - even on days when I haven't used the iron! This isn't normal, is it?
  • I finally finished the San Diego scrap book - about a year after the fact! That just leaves me San Francisco. Which leaves me a question. I leaf through Gabe's scrap book about once a month, but hardly ever look at our other scrap books. Do you look at yours?
  • It's finally getting to be spring here, maybe. Gabriel's garden is totally uncovered (but no tulips or daffodils poking up.) The sun garden, where I need to be planting my sweet peas is still covered in snow. Sigh.
  • I finished an entire sock at first aid. I need to take more of those classes!