Lady, Lady, are you ok? I know first-aid, I can help.

Off at a first aid course today and tomorrow.


Accordingly, I shall play along with the photo game. 6th picture in the 6th album. When we bought chez Spit, well before we bought chez Spit, when we did the second walk through, my mother and I both came into the living room/dinning room and we looked at the fake acoustic tile ceiling and we said "that has to go". It took us almost 3 years. We got the living room done, and then we stalled a bit. But finally, on the long weekend in September of 2007, we decided. So, we started pulling down the acoustic tile. We had always wondered why they had put it up, and when we had tried to look, we saw no indication. Certainly, when we pulled the tiles down in the living room, the ceiling was in pretty good shape. Then we pulled them down in the dinning room. And that was the start of the problems. This is the photo of the ceiling.

For what it's worth, this is what the dinning room looks like now.